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How to Stream Android Games to Twitch on Bluestacks?

Usually, streaming different mobile games is quite tricky. Until your chosen game has Twitch support, you need to rig the webcam, computer, and mobile device in a complex mess of wiring. You should be thankful to Bluestacks, but this process takes some clicks on the desktop.

The famous Android emulator that allows you to run different mobile gaming on the Mac and PC is completely cohesive with Twitch, letting you go live on the biggest platform of live streaming for games in the world without touching the phone. While you need the entire world to view how fantastic the Clash of Clans is or looking to reveal your Hearthstone skills, let us talk about streaming Android gaming to Twitch through Bluestacks.

Installing and Setting Up the Bluestacks

  1. Go to and download the TV app of Bluestacks for free. When you download, install the application and open it.
  2. If the Google account is not linked to Bluestacks, choose any application under the Android tab to start One Time Setup. You need to sign in to the Google account and do some instant prompts of authorization.
  3. Go back to the Android tab, choose your desired program, and click on Install once when you are on the screen of Google Play.
  4. Open the app or game you need to stream.

Live on Twitch

  1. Choose ‘Start Streaming’ on Bluestacks TV on the right side.
  2. Make a new Twitch account or log in with the already created account.
  3. After logging in, click on ‘Authorize.’
  4. Customize the stream. Prefer to switch on your webcam and microphone, select which application you will stream, prefer the location, and provide a name to your broadcast.
  5. When you are set, click on “Go Live.”
  6. Now you are live! Well! The Bluestacks allows you to monitor the chat in Twitch, keep the mic on and off, and share the stream to Twitter or Facebook. When it’s time to close the broadcast, click on the “Stop” button.

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