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Bluestacks vs. Nox: Which Android Emulator Is the Best for PC?

Bluestacks vs. Nox? Do you want to know the difference? The Android emulators permit you to play mobile games and run a smartphone on the PC. The emulators are frankly, easy to use and full of fun. If you have researched about playing Android games on PC, there are chances that you will come to see Bluestacks vs. Nox. The debate of Bluestacks vs. Nox is going on nowadays, and it is because both are included in the list of best emulators.

It is tough while deciding between both. However, don’t worry! After reading this, you will have your answer, which is the best Android emulator for the computer.

All About Android Emulators

The word ’emulate’ means to match or to imitate. If you use this definition to OS, you will come to know the concept of emulators. In the world of technology, the emulator aims to house the pocket version of a particular system in the program so that you can easily open it on the other system.

This impression altered the gaming industry as it enabled the old game consoles to be preserved. Today, you can quickly load a PS1 emulator to play classics. Now, the emulators are used to load the mobile OS onto the computer.

The flexibility and diversity of Android as a mobile OS have made it the best goal for the developers. Many Android emulators race to the top to be known among the best of their type. But the two programs include Bluestacks and Nox. Let’s talk about both, and then we will discuss Bluestacks vs Nox.

Bluestacks: It is a software that allows people to run apps on Mac and Windows. It was made initially to offer a full-screen experience to gaming. It is considered standard when it comes to emulators since it was released.

NoxPlayer: Nox is the short term for NoxPlayer, and it is somewhat challenging to Bluestacks. The Android emulator is used to play mobile gaming, in APKs, on Mac and Windows. It is a free and light emulator that can exceed Bluestacks considering smoothness and speed.

What is Bluestacks?

A tech company made this App Player with the same brand name. in 2009, Rosen Sharma, Suman Saraf, and Jay Vaishnav founded the company. These developers worked for many companies like and McAfee.

In 2011, the first product of Bluestacks was the app player, which was launched in public. The app player can be identical to the Android emulators because of its initial stability and seniority. If you are searching for the emulator with a verified track record, it is the one you must be downloading now. Behind Bluestacks, it is patented LayerCake app embedded technology that computer’s hardware to run different mobile gaming. With this, Bluestacks can run small-system mobile gaming using stronger and larger desktop systems. It results in a great gaming experience that bulky phones cannot run.

Now, the free version of Bluestacks is downloaded more than 210 million times. The latest features are unlocked through paid subscriptions; however, the free version alone can already run over 150 million applications. The newest avatar of this programming is Bluestacks 4.

System Prerequisite

The newest Bluestacks version can run on Mac as well as Windows. Windows computers can have Windows 7 or any latest operating system for the software to work. When it comes to the processor perquisite, the AMD or Intel processor can do. As long as you have a better processor, your game performance will be better. When it comes to memory, 5 GB of disk space and 2 GB of RAM are minimal requirements. You must have an SSD and 8 GB RAM for enjoying the best results. Last but not least, all the graphic drivers should be the latest.

Alternatively, the minimal requirement of the Mac operating system is Sierra. Any AMD or Intel Dual-Core Processor can do a great job. 8 GB disk space and 4 GB RAM are the least prerequisites for memory. If you have anything better than these mentioned requirements results in an excellent performance.

Game Performance

An up-to-date Bluestacks version is almost six times fast than any other smartphone device available in the market. While it is an explicit claim, everyone has a goal to consider that this emulator is in it again for the 4th instalment.

You can easily download games to the Bluestacks dashboard from the Play Store; however, the APKs can also be used. Any game that you can play on the Android can also be played on Bluestacks. Though the overall game performance depends on the device’s specifications, Bluestacks has a similar edge against the other emulators due to its LayerCake technology.

What is Nox Emulator?

Nox is a Hong Kong developers’ team that intended to establish as the emulator to prefer in the East. In 2015, they released Nox, and it has been used by more than 150 million active users around 150 countries.

The main product of Nox, Nox player, was launched four years after the releasing of Bluestacks’s first version. Notwithstanding the large head Bluestacks start, Nox was catch up since it was already downloaded more than 150 million times.

The fundamental reason behind the rapid success of Nox is its significant features line. Notwithstanding both are Android emulators, Bluestacks and Nox have clear-cut differences. Though Nox cannot be as big of a company and elaborate as Bluestacks, they can be enough to keep Bluestacks vs Nox debate continuing.

System Prerequisite

Nox is renowned for being more potent than Bluestacks. It is a relatively lightweight tool that Windows XP computer can run it. Windows Vista and every version coming after it supports it. For the CPU requisite, any AMD or Intel Dual-Core processor will be sufficient. As above, the performance will be better if the CPU is better.

Nox is a light app. A significant reason why it stands above other emulators is due to its memory requirement. For running the program, your computer should have at least 3 GB storage and 1.5 GB RAM. Think about what you can do with Nox using an SSD and 8 GB RAM.

The Mac version of Nox id entirely different build from the Windows version. It is because Nox was made for and from Windows. The Mac version was launched one year after the first Windows release of Nox. For running it, you must have Mac OS x 10.9 or higher.

Game Performance

Never let Nox’s small requirement of memory dishearten you from running high FPS games as it can handle. Even you can play almost four games with multi-instances.

Games come in loaded with Nox, and if you need to check out what smartphone games the program can come with, you can check out their official site. It is likely to load more games through the APK file. Besides, Nox supports gamepad and keypad mapping. Customizing frame and graphics rates can be done in the settings.

When it comes to overall game performance, Nox has many advanced features.

Bluestacks Features

Bluestacks can be a standard of Android emulator, that’s why different features can be observed in other emulators. The program has altered mobile games by being the most stable and first emulators you can download freely.

Keymapping is acceptable with Bluestacks. You can manage the controls and a lot them to what keys you choose. You will be permitted to use the mouse, an essential feature for the people who need to perform best in FPS gaming. This option to crosshair feature is done through a part of Bluestacks known as Smart Controls.

Multiple Instance feature helps to play different games with split screening. You can easily play the same game with multiple accounts with this feature. Recently, Bluestacks added the sub-feature of Multi-Instance Sync, which permits you to sync the movements across all the split-screen panels.

In addition to these features, all the other basic stuff like capturing screenshots and recording are permitted. Multiple Android profile support and cleanup function of the disk can be both convenient as well.

Nox Features

As compared to Bluestacks, Nox is much lighter – 100 MB light is exact. In addition to the difference in memory and size requirements, Nox packs some of the niftiest features of Bluestacks. For instance, similar to Bluestacks, both controller and keyboard mapping is permitted with Nox.

Multi-instance gaming is present in Nox, though multi-sync is still added as the official feature for the said emulator. For making up for that, Nox has a macro recording and script recording feature. These features permit users to record movements and operations for more execution, which is an excellent strategy gaming feature.

VT or Virtualization Technology is one of Nox’s pride. This feature permits the program to run separate systems on one server hardware. This technology is among the main reasons why Nox Limited is highly efficient when it is all about utilizing resources. For adding to it, using one server hardware can improve the game’s performance although each command is implemented under one space.

Bluestacks vs. Nox: Comparison

Here is the discussion and comparison of Bluestacks vs. Nox in four groups: legality, security, user-interface, and performance.


An excellent way to go about the performance assessments is by checking out the program’s up-to-date benchmark scores or device. Benchmarking the scores for Android emulators such as Nox and Bluestacks are computed by adding scores of every program’s performances in RAM/ CPU usage, loading time, FPS, and application compatibility.

According to the up-to-date benchmarking results, Bluestacks 4 performs better than Nox in every aspect. Still, it is not concluded for Nox as it is an excellent program with a strong base. Never be amazed if the entire debate of Bluestacks vs. Nox swings in favor of Nox soon. As per the users, Nox feels faster and lighter when you begin using it.

User Interface

Bluestacks has an elaborate user interface and more features. As mentioned above, Bluestacks is 100 MB larger, and it will require to have a minimum of 2 GB RAM instead of minimum Nox’s requirement (1 GB). An inconsistency was about to happen between both, and it happens because Bluestacks can do more with what it needs.

Still, the fact is Nox Player is simpler and lighter. As compared to the Bluestacks, Nox is minimalist and user-friendly. The conclusion for Bluestacks vs. Nox debate entirely depends on the user when it comes to the user interface.


Security is a bit tricky. When it comes to security features, Android emulators are not basically fortresses. Everyone is aware that the Android operating system is loose when it comes to limitations. People can give their consent easily, and businesses can take advantage of it. In addition to this, the Android emulators use a bootleg Android version, so it is not a good sign as well, according to security.

Before installing Bluestacks, you need to disable the defender or firewall first. It initiates the query, is Bluestacks secure to use? Contrarily, Nox will not ask you to disable the security feature before installing the application. With this, for the security department of Bluestacks vs. Nox argument, Nox will win.


It is another complicated thing to talk about. At one side, the Android emulators cannot run the official Android version, and it is because the emulators are not under the given OS jurisdiction. Despite, the emulators are accepted socially and made by massive developers’ teams.

In this sense, Android emulators are legal as well as illegal. Nox and Bluestacks are not exempted from it. Similar to other emulators, these two do not have any kind of special permission to work legally. Still, it is worth noticing that different companies backed Bluestacks such as AMD, and Samsung, while game developers backed Nox like Tencent.

Final Verdict: Bluestacks vs. Nox

Finally, it is the moment to conclude this article.

Finalizing Bluestacks vs. Nox is quite complicated. Bluestacks is a reliable and robust android emulator that is helping individuals for approximately ten years. It has gained trust for its excellent performance despite the safety cracks in it. Contrarily, Nox is a challenge to the throne that catches up to the Bluestacks success. Nox app is relatively light, and it is best for those who are not conscious of customization.

Concluding it, Bluestacks is yet a logical choice. It is many years ahead of Nox when it comes to development, and it is hard to see its unique nature. In contrast, Nox is trying to catch up with the minimalistic approach to mobile games. Bluestacks is yet the one app to beat. For more, visit our website.

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