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How to Enable Voice Chat Feature in Among Us with Bluestacks?

The game, Among Us, is all about player interaction and communication. Yes, the crewmates require to run across different tasks, and pretenders should feign doing given tasks and secure their individuality while removing other players. These things can be easily achieved by clicking just one button. In contrast, the real game nuances come from talking with other people during emergency calls to decide who is guilty and who is innocent. In other terms, the capacity to present the dispute quickly and in an attractive manner is essential.

While playing game Among Us with Bluestacks, you can get access to a tool, Keymapping tool that permits you to use the keyboard and mouse to play the game, similar to the computer version. However, contrasting its computer counterpart, this game on Bluestacks allows you to open the chatting box with pressing a single icon, making it easy to talk during an emergency meeting, either to secure your individuality as the imposter and throw the shade at anyone else or to collaborate with other crewmates to find the Impostor.

Playing Among Us game on Bluestacks is relatively extraordinary because of the life quality it offers, here is a step further to add the best voice talk feature. It permits the players to move beside daily texting using the keyboard and talk directly through voice, which helps to add a new gaming layer strategy. With this, the players can easily converse to each other during emergency calls.

Enabling Voice Chat Feature in Game, Among Us

Well! It is easy to play Among Us along with voice chat. It is an exclusive feature of Bluestacks, only accessible to the people who want to play the game (Among Us) on the app player. Well! You can check this voice chat feature on the home screen’s left corner at the bottom, shown by the phone sign. The settings needed to activate voice chat feature in Among Us and begin talking with other people:

Creating A Group Call with Bluestacks

If you prefer to start the group call, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

On the bottom left, go to the voice chat icon and then click on “Start group call.”

Write any nickname and put your cursor on “Start group call.”

Choose your selected audio output and input devices for the voice chat feature using the dropdown options and click on “Okay.”

After this, the voice chat lobby can be activated, and your fellows can use the ID of group call to join and start talking.

Joining the Group Call

When your friends or other players have created any group call, follow the steps listed below to join it:

  1. Go on the button of voice chat, and then click on “Join a group call.”
  2. Write the group calling ID (given by the creator) and the nickname, and after that, click on “Join the call.”
  3. Choose your selected audio output and input devices for the voice chat feature using the dropdown options and click on “Okay.”
  4. Now, you are ready to initiate talking with other people on the call.

Well! Adding this voice chat feature makes playing the game Among us entirely different than depending on the regular texting chat, particularly while managing to get the full game lobby in the voice call. This way, the games can get more chaotic as players cannot have to wait until the group meetings to the conversation and throw doubts, making each game quite entertaining and hectic.

What do you guys think about the voice chat for Among Us? We will like to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comment section! For more, visit our website.


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