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How to Play Xbox Games on PC with BlueStacks and xCloud?

The project of xCloud just released, and along with it, the chance of enjoying more than 150 PC and Xbox games on the phone, directly streamed from the cloud. It is excellent as you do not have to own a powerful PC or Xbox One. Instead, the servers can do all the rendering, and play all types of AAA titles on the smartphone, and all you require is an excellent Xbox Game Pass application and a perfect Bluetooth gamepad.

When it comes to talking about applications since you can easily access xCloud through the Game Pass app, it means you can quickly download it on Bluestacks and access different games on the computer, and with these benefits that come from playing on Bluestacks, involving the compatibility with a diverse range of gamepads than most smartphones.

Here I am going to explain how to set up xCloud on the computer with Bluestacks quickly:

Let’s Start with xCloud on PC

Before doing anything, first, you need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Its subscription provides you with access to numerous extraordinary advantages, particularly if you own a great gaming PC and Xbox One. Still, we are involved in the xCloud service access, which is accessible through the subscription.

Go to the official website of Xbox and sign up there to create an account. Due to xCloud’s launch special offer, the visitors can subscribe to a trial period for only one dollar for the first 30 days, and then carry on paying the charges of 15 dollar per month after the end of the trial. After subscribing, follow the steps mentioned below to set up everything in Bluestacks:

  1. Download an up-to-date Bluestacks version from their official website and run its installer. The app player will set up automatically after finishing.
  2. Go to the Bluestacks home screen and use the search option to find the Xbox Game Pass application. If no results show up on the screen, click on ‘Search in Google Play.’
  3. Download the application as you can with any other app on the phone.
  4. When downloaded, go to the Bluestacks home screen and launch Xbox Game Pass through its icon.
  5. Within the app, log in to the Xbox account. Don’t forget to use the account has a subscription to Xbox Game Ultimate.
  6. When authenticated, you can have the complete access to the comprehensive library of games, which you can directly stream to your computer through Bluestacks, from the cloud.

Setting Up Controller on Bluestacks

For playing the games, you need to a suitable gamepad. If you are playing on the smartphone, you need particular models and brands for your device to pair with. Still, when you play on Bluestacks, almost any controller is well-matched, when your computer chooses it up automatically. You may need to download a 3rd party application to make the PC think you have an Xbox controller in some circumstances.

After connecting the controller through Bluetooth or USB, activate the detection of gamepad on Bluestacks through Settings >> Preferences >> Game Control Settings >> Enable Game Detection. In some circumstances, if the Bluestacks does not recognize the gamepad, check the box that states “Force on.” Bear in mind that you may need to restart the application player for it to work.

That’s all. When you have installed the Xbox Game App and a suitable controller, you can start loving all the fantastic AAA Xbox gaming on the computer. Let me know if you have any queries in the comment section. For more, visit our website.

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