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7 Questions and Concerns about Bluestacks regarding Safety

Are you among those who have different concerns about Bluestacks regarding safety? Since its roots as a gaming place, Bluestacks is promised to offering the loyal userbase as a secure, reliable and best substitute to experience Android gaming. The platform that goes away with expensive devices cannot force the users to comply with using the best controls to love their preferred Android gaming. The platform includes everything that the computer needs to offer, utilizes it to bring the demanding smartphone titles to life on the PC monitor, and plays them using the keyboard and mouse. It is the real idea behind Bluestacks.

Questions about Bluestacks Regarding Safety

As the platform is totally free to use or download, it is practical to think some users will be sceptical about Bluestacks offers, and what it needs in return. A few individuals even directly ask “What is the catch?” Honestly, we cannot blame those people! There is numerous creepy stuff present on the internet, with several things that end up being different from what they appeared initially. In the case of Bluestacks, various users may ask this app’s security, particularly when thinking that it is free to use.

“Does the Bluestacks app has malware?” “Can I get expelled for using Bluestacks on specific games?” “Is it safe?” “I downloaded Bluestacks and installed it, and now my PC has a cryptocurrency miner!” All these things have some myths and misconceptions that move around this platform regularly, and I aim to discuss several questions about Bluestacks regarding safety as some of the myths are not right, and we need to put the matters to rest.

As a company, Bluestacks works effortlessly to offer excellent services to all users. Go to the homepage of Bluestacks; you can easily download the latest and up-to-date version of Bluestacks. Still, most individuals have no idea that Bluestacks collaborate closely with the largest software and hardware developers in the industry compared to other emulators. Thus, it will do no good to promote shady and cheating practices since there is something more than just a Bluestacks image at stake.

However, there is a logical reason behind the safety of Bluestacks. In the paragraphs mentioned below, we will be talking about the common question about Bluestacks regarding safety. I hope I can put all the concerns and doubts regarding Bluestacks to several other things.

Question 1: Is Bluestacks App Good?

Let’s start with a common question about Bluestacks, which has nothing to do with the platform’s security and safety; however, it is essential when it comes to functioning: “Is it good?”

However, it is difficult to answer without explaining what ‘good’ means. The emulators that can emulate software effectively designed for one place on another entirely different one are regarded as “good” although they get what it set out to do. Still, there is something more to being good in offering the minimum. When a platform goes above and beyond and provides compatibility around a diversity of setups and computers, with outstanding performance in each, and provides numerous tools to improve the user’s experience, it can set the bar for what good actually means.

It is what Bluestacks does. It is good because it emulates most Android gaming on your computer. It is also excellent as it has many perks and features that can enhance every game’s enjoyment. While it is the Multi0Instance Sync, the Instance Manager, the Macro Recorder, or the Keymapping Tool features, as compared to others, Bluestacks offers numerous features that you will not find it anywhere else.

As compared to other emulators, Bluestacks is better objectively when it comes to performance. Unlike other famous alternatives, Bluestacks does its job best in terms of app compatibility, load time, frames per second, and RAM/ CPU usage.

After using a computer with 8th generation i7 CPU, 32 GB DDR3 RAM, and a GTX 1060 6 GB GPU, the company performed some tests. After conducting detailed testing and running Antutu Benchmark, here are the results:

Memu: Number 5 with a 114, 561 score

KOPlayer: Number 4 with a 115, 339 score

Nox: Number 2 with 121, 410 score

Bluestacks: Number 1 with 1, 650, 000 score points

The result speaks all, and there is nothing more to say about it.

Question 2: Does Bluestacks Need a Beast Device to Run?

Well! It is among the best parts of Bluestacks. Although a few Android gaming needs having an expensive and powerful device to run appropriately – that prevents you from cranking the graphics to more setting until having a particular phone model. Bluestacks does not require a powerful or costly device. If you buy a new computer recently, it is probable that you already have everything you need to run Bluestacks.

What’s more, the minimum requirements to run Bluestacks 4 are here:

  • Processor: AMD or Intel Processor
  • Operating System: MS Windows 7 and above
  • HDD: 5 GB Disk Space
  • RAM: Your device should have 2 GB RAM (Please note: 2 GB or more disk space is not an alternative for RAM).
  • You should be an Administrator on your device
  • Latest graphics drivers from chipset vendor or Microsoft

Let me explain some recommended requirements:

  • Processor: AMD or Intel Multi-Core Processor having Single Thread Pass Mark Score above 1000 and virtualization extension is enabled in BIOS. You should check the Pass Mark score of your device’s processor.
  • Operating System: MS Windows 10
  • RAM: 8 GB or higher
  • Graphics: ATI/ Nvidia/ Intel, Discrete or Onboard controller with Pass Mark Score is equal or more than 750. Don’t forget to check the Pass Mark score of the graphics controller of your device first.
  • Internet: Broadband connection to access accounts, games, and other content
  • HDD: SSD (or Hybrid/ Fusion Drives)
  • Latest graphics drivers from chipset vendor or Microsoft

When you see, Bluestacks usually runs on anything, which includes the notorious “toaster devices.” Although the systems that are on the requirements’ lower end may effort with some demanding games, they will run them with appropriate performance; significantly, you can customize Bluestacks to work for any system. The same cannot work for old phones since those cannot install games, to start with.

Question 3: Does the Bluestacks App Has Malware?

Well! There are numerous concerns of users about Bluestacks regarding safety. Bluestacks takes the security of its platform seriously, and spyware, malware, or any kind of additional software with hostile intent is not something that is packed with the Bluestacks executables. This question is common, and the company does not know why, from the start, the Bluestacks company has been considering what they offer to their users when they download Bluestacks and install it.

If downloaded from the official website of Bluestacks, it does not have any kind of malicious or malware programs. However, the company cannot ensure its emulator’s security when you prefer other sources to download it.

The people who suffer from negative consequences, keyloggers, or spyware due to downloading Bluestacks, have downloaded it from third-party sites. If you already did it, you need to run a VirusTotal scan of the Bluestacks installer before installing it.

For the security purposes, go to the official Bluestacks website when you want to install the app or update it.

Question 4: Is Bluestacks Safe for Windows and Mac?

Bluestacks is made considering what the most famous OS to reach a diverse audience are. In other words, the Bluestacks Android emulator is intended to work best on both Windows and Mac systems. However, the significant difference between the development space, associated with the fact that a diversity of Bluestacks users is on Windows, make it so that executing updates to this version is a priority.

Nonetheless, it is not to say that Bluestacks does not work for the Mac users – of course, they will get all the features Bluestacks to implement in the Windows version; it takes some time to get there! Notwithstanding, Bluestacks is totally safe to use in any kind of system, whether it runs on Windows or a Mac.

Question 5: Is Bluestacks Secure for the Associated Google Account?

Well! Bluestacks involves no risk while linking a Google account to it. Yes! Bluestacks is a user-friendly Android emulator faithful to the source stuff. This way, the method of connecting a Google account, installing the latest games, and troubleshooting problems with the account is done in a similar way as on the phone.

While launching Bluestacks, you will be asked to link a Google account so that you can quickly get access to the Play Store and all the related features, similar to booting the Android phone for the first time, which is entirely safe. For any reason, if you do not believe, you can create an additional Google account and use it instead of your important one. You can do if you think of using Instance manager or not, yet it needs an independent account for each active instance to do its job.

Question 6: Is Bluestacks a Malicious App/ Cryptocurrency Miner?

Like the answer to the third query, Bluestacks does not pack any kind of cryptocurrency miners or malicious tool with executables that you can download from the official Bluestacks site. Yet, it is only for those who download Bluestacks from the official website and not accountable for those downloaded from third-party websites. With this being states, you can see that Bluestacks is not considered a cryptocurrency miner by examining the application’s resource consumption in the task manager.

Suppose you run Bluestacks for almost 4 hours and sit pretty at almost <1% CPU usage. Besides, the GPU usage is around 0%. Here you can observe, there is no kind of shady business running in the background.

I hope I could give precise answers to the question about Bluestacks regarding safety, do let me know what you think in the comments.

Question 7: Can Bluestacks Sell Any Data?

With Bluestacks, the users’ confidentiality is the key and the identifiable info Bluestacks gets as a part of the registration process including email, or other data transmitted to Bluestacks from third-party safe forms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Play, etc., which are essential for Bluestacks to offer the service, are not shared with any individual other than Bluestacks. The promotors use the additional non-identifiable info like usage data and geographic location to target you with customized ads that you can be interested in.

Well! All the data gained, either through registration procedures, other methods, or cookies, can be used to improve Bluestacks services and offer an excellent platform for you to play.

Additionally, the data shared with merchant partners and advertisers are not identifiable in any way and does not reveal your individuality to third parties. Leave everything to Bluestacks that all your information is safe.


Is Bluestacks App good? Yes
Does Bluestacks need a beast device to run? No
Does the Bluestacks App has Malware? Absolutely Not
Is Bluestacks safe for Windows and Mac? 100%
Is Bluestacks Secure for the Associated Google account? Yes
Is Bluestacks a Malicious App/ Cryptocurrency miner? No
Can Bluestacks Sell Any Data? No


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